Caspar Riis

Caspar Riis

Guitar, live looping.

“When playing for dance my main goal is to create a living atmosphere of sound to support and inspire the dancers. I listen and feel for the story being told by the dance unfolding in front of me, and then I try to capture it and reflect it back, to enhance it, give it colour and texture and spaciousness and depth.”


Caspar has a diploma in performance from London’s guitar institute, and 20 years of playing, composing and improvising music behind him. He uses a guitar with digital effects and a loopstation to build layers of tone and melody into gentle, expansive soundscapes.

He currently works with the Karla Shacklock Dance Company as resident musician. Performing live in shows across the country and developing new material.

He’s also a designer and developer of websites, branding/identity and print media.



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