Chris Baron

Chris Baron is an award winning multi percussionist with a highly developed ability to communicatively express music with exceptional depth of sensitivity, originality and emotional quality. His dynamic approach to improvisation underpins accessible and expressive music making rooted in innate creativity and musicality.
He specialises in Pang Music, the new art form from by PANArt, the origional inventors and builders of the Hang, based in Bern, Swizterland. Chris has earned his stripes as a Hang player, during the early days traveling around the world busking and giving solo concerts. Those rich experiences witnessing the effects of musc on people has lead him to have pioneering research published investigating the Hang Sound-sculpture as a possible therapeutic tool. Chris is now training as a music therapist at Bristol UWE, working closely with PANArt, whilst developing the worlds first Pang Orchestra and his unique philosophy of play know as, Harking.

The synergistic relationship between the Pang instruments intercommunicating systems of musical energy stores works both physically and psychoacoustically on the human. The peaceful interplay of the metal sound-sculptures and their strings produce a kind of revitalising music that cannot be catagrised in any tradition, it both grounds us and invites us to dance.

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we're gurt lush dancers m'luvers….