Lee Bolton

Lee Bolton

I suppose you could say at the heart of it all I am a dancer.  It seems my body was born to move.  My softness, my passion, my sadness, my rage, my sensuousness, my sense of chaos all come through when I dance.  This is where more than anywhere else I can be close to myself and have the capacity to touch life with freshness.

My passion for dance and in particular the drive to be as authentic in each moment as possible has led me from 5 Rhythms to Contact Improvisation and latterly into a practice of  Non-Stylised movement based on the teachings of Helen Poyner.

This has led me to co-design a series of classes and workshops that interweave the teachings of fundamental movement, contact improvisation and presence based on the Movement of Being (Devon) teachings.

Dance for me is a metaphor for life.  How can I really meet myself? How can I truly be here in this moment to experience life and meet you?  This is what fascinates me.  Movement offers the opportunity to ask these questions, with the potential to experience depth and understanding.

I offer a space for this exploration.


If you want to know more check www.embodiedpresence.co.uk.

Email: embodiedpresence@gmail.com Phone: 07966498596



we're gurt lush dancers m'luvers….