New Year Portal Dance


4:00 pm - 9:00 pm


BlackBird/RedRose Studios
BlackBird/RedRose Studios, Unit G, Vallis Mills Trading Estate, Robins Ln, Frome, BA11 3DT

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On New Year’s Day 2023 we will move together! And have snacks!
Contact Improvisation will be very much part of the space.
But you’re also welcome to join if you prefer to move solo.
Witnessing others in the contact dance is also welcome and encouraged.
This is a space to move however you feel.
The vision of Portal Dance is to expand the space beyond the realms of a typical CI jam.
There will be a wider musical journey than your average jam.
We will start of slow and subtle, but the beats will get stronger, deeper and darker as the wave continues…
For an example of a possible musical flow: dance playlist
We will have plenty of tea, plus optional snacks to buy including Roar Energy balls, New Year Green Juice and an evening stew dinner for those who want it.
We are also going to set up an arts space for those inspired creatively to paint/draw something or add to the collective jam painting. Take inspiration from the dancers and see what happens….
There may be other surprises such as guest musicians and maybe your favourite dancer will show up.

16:00-16:45 – Arrivals/tea/open movement/jam space
16:45-17:00 – Opening circle
17:00-17:30 – Contact Improvisation led warm-up (you are welcome to watch, move solo or drink tea if you don’t want to join in
17:30-19:30 – Dance Jam Journey
19:30-20:30 – Hang out, drink tea, optional hearty new year stew
20:30-21:00 – On your way merry folk! Go out and have a fabulous year!

Dance as a psychedelic act. To make the soul visible.
Ancient Greek ψυχή (psukhḗ, “mind, soul”) + δῆλος (dêlos, “manifest, visible”)
“producing expanded consciousness through heightened awareness and feeling,”

Please get in touch with any enquires.
If cost is a barrier please contact fromecontact(at)
Refunds will be offered up until the event sells out.
Once sold out, refunds will not be given but you are welcome to transfer your ticket to another person, just let us know who.

Photo by Ian Douglas
Mark Bruce Company, Frome, BA11 3DT