7:15 pm - 9:15 pm


The Willow Studio
St. Werburghs Primary School, James Street, Bristol, BS2 9US

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Date: Every Wednesday
Time: 7.15pm – 9.15pm
Venue: The Willow Studio, St Werburghs Primary School
Cost: £10 (£8 conc) to drop-in. Move GB members Welcome
£30 for the 5 week series..
Bookings: embodiedpresence@gmail.com
Led by: Jamus Wood and Lee Bolton

The jam, O so much potential and desire, sometimes we live this in the dance and sometimes we just miss.

This series of classes is designed to offer ways too jam. Its good for beginner as jams can be crazily complicated from the outside. It good for the veteran who wants to take a thin slice from the jamming experience open it up and explore. We can all learn in this melting pot of Skills For Jamming.

Each week we will explore a physical contact improvisation skill and a jamming focus. We will draw from the material developed by Nacy Stark Smith’s in her Underscore Practice.

Being Available: So are you open to the dance that is just in front of you. Or are you looking for something else, the perfect partner, the perfect moment. Can we say yes yes yes, or do we need to say no a thousand times before our yes arrive. Come play.

In Space: You are never alone in the dance. You alway have space as a partner and the choreography of the group to dance with. When we feel we can not enter a dance or have a bumpy exit we often don’t see what is available to us. This class will focus on moving with and partying with space.

So join us for a dance of contact improvisation.
A weekly two-hour class exploring the Skills of contact improvisation.

This five week program is an opportunity to delve into the practice of contact improvisation. Beginning with exploring the skills used in dancing Contact Improvisation.


These classes are open for those who are just beginning there journey with contact and for more experienced dancers who wish too deepen their practice finding subtleties in touch, direction and presence. It is ideal to attend the whole course, as there will be a progression of learning. However, drop-in is also welcome.

Please bring loose comfortable clothing, with a warm layer to start and end in, kneepads if you have them, and water (though there is access to tap water in the adjoining kitchen area).


To book your place or find out more, email Jamus on embodiedpresence@gmail.com or phone 0798582791.

About the Teachers

About Jamus: I love to dance, to move, to be in stillness, to find rest and support in my body, too breath. To drop my weight and connect to the earth.

I have been learning and exploring dance improvisation for 20 years now. Its been a long journey and I know that so much can be achieved if we give ourselves the space and time to listen and follow our inner conversations.

Our body’s are highly intelligent, we just need to lear too listen and be danced.

I have been teaching contact improvisation since 2003 and Somatic Yoga from 2010. I have a deep love of how the body moves and the genius of how our bodies are put together. I have done all of this, despite living with the consequences of a continual disabling eye condition.

About Lee: I work with movement and dance as an enquiry into the present moment. Fascinated by dance as a metaphor for life I have used Contact Improvisation, somatic movement, non-stylised movement and self enquiry as a vehicle to explore on the dance floor life, with freshness moment to moment.

I have been dancing for more than 10 years. When I first discovered dance it led me to places I had buried, contorted places I pushed away not wanting to feel or face. It has been a long long journey discovering just how far away from myself I have lived. Every dance, every movement session is an invitation to myself to find and meet a little more of myself. To bring more of me to taste more of the world. To breath more fully and to move from the inside and meet the world with interest and curiosity. This is my invitation to you.

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