7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Exercise Club
213 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2XS

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A new Bristol location for practicing Contact Improvisation Dance form on an alternative evening of the week!

An intermediate level class suited for movers experienced in Contact Improvisation and/or Dance Improvisation format who wish to expand their skill set and create improvised work.
Disclaimer: facilitator will assume that participants have a basic understanding of the rolling point of contact, static support, weight sharing, proprioception, kinesthetic sense, physical listening, changing levels/planes of movement dynamic and autonomy in a shared dance. The first class of the series will be dedicated to refreshing these movement principles and a great opportunity to identify any gaps or confirm own level of experience.

Classes are aimed at supporting the development of the above-mentioned skills (horizontal learning) with an emphasis on enhancing one’s skill set in a safe, supportive and focused way (vertical learning). Efficiency, comfort and readiness are some of the qualities that we will be looking to establish as we practice skills of:
being able to organise our own (and our partner’s) structure in a dynamic space effortlessly, lifts – lifting and being lifted as well as falling out of the lift onto a safe landing gear, ability to self – release tension and use it as the vehicle for movement, upside down orientation, articulation of the backspace in falls and backward pathways, ability to stay off balance and capacity for ongoing continuation of the movement, amongst many other.

As for the dance improvisation, it’s essential participants are willing to engage in a variety of dance scores and willing to recognise and break the habits of movement, undo social conditioning, and free-play. Ability to use space for the spontaneous emergence as well as intentional composing, integrating of the inside with the outside and creating from moment to moment will all be the non-sequential themes in practising to improvise movement.

These 9 classes are design to explore all of the material described and any of the other intermediate skills not covered here as well as participant’s wishes and syllabus may shift depending on what new or old horizons will require more attention.┬áThere is a real possibility that the series will continue and be built on by a larger pool of experienced CI facilitators based in Bristol.
It’s recommended that keen movers get on board now and enjoy what is to come in near future!