Rebecca Marta D’Andrea

Rebecca is a dance artist based  in Bristol and Italy.

She studied dance and theatre since a young age, graduating in Choreography at Dartington College of Arts in 2006 after a period as a guest student at the  School for New dance Development in Amsterdam. In 2007 she took part to Inteatro Festival Academy with the project You Are My Home. In 2009 she began a collaboration with the Denso Art Collective developing collaborative projects between music, dance and visuals (Moving Sound Ensemble, Hong, Puntidi Svista). In 2010 she was a finalist in the competition Gd’A Veneto  with the solo Disabitata-Dresshead, with a further develpement in collaboration with Movimento Denso Collective and winner of the Movin’Up 2011 Bursary Scheme.

In Autumn 2011 she was selected as artist in residence with the project ‘The Void’ as part of the ‘Research Into The Unknown’ Improvisation Laboratory in Budapest, organised by Workshop Foundation,where she researched unscored improvisation as a performance form. In February 2012 her new solo project When was a finalist in the Premio Equlibrio 2012 in Rome, under the artistic direction of Sidi Larbu Cherkaoui.

In summer 2012 she took part to P.O.R.C.H. Ponderosa Modules, developing a research practice called Practice for Embodied Freedom, which has since been perfomed in Germany and Uk, under different experimental titles, the last one called ‘Embrace’ was recently presented in Bristol at Circomedia as part of Testing Grounds.

Her work explores multimedia, videowork and collaboration with artists from different disciplines, exploring proporioception, improvisation and perception and the creative dialogue in between the individual and the community , considering the world as a whole body in which we play as instruments of a wider orchestra.

She recently collaborated with musicians Thollem Mc Donas(Tsigoti), Formellana(Father Murphy),JThe Just Desserts and others.

More information on Rebecca can be found on her blog and website and