Agnieszka Grenckowska

Agnieszka Grenckowska

I am infinitely grateful for the current of life, governed by, what I believe is an extended intelligent energy field, to have brought me from my early poetic mind into academic studies of philosophy and then culture, to have taken me through awakening of my somatic and energetic bodies for me to arrive in two professional fields of caring and dancing.

Dancing CI enabled me to make the most precious connections locally and with other dance communities in the moving world, partake in cultural exchange and learn from the masters of the art. Thank you Nita, Kirstie, Angela, Mirva, Lior.

Contact Improvisation Dance is my liberation from the known, from the physical restrictions and communication boundaries. It is a constant negotiation of two constitutions, that of the fire and that of the water. In my practice, I consider myself as a student, and when I am given opportunity to teach I like to offer the style of working, where each individual can play with their own unique trail of practicing the form. In the CI practice I do not seek to acquire I want to learn how to best live the natural principles of falling and rising, of gravity, finding and losing centre and of sharing weights. I am currently hosting the ongoing Bristol CI jam and supporting the cultivation of the local CI community. Currently, through my movement exploration I am remembering what my place in the natural world is.

In 2013, I am helping to organise ECITE in Poland

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