04/06/2016 - 05/06/2016    
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The Trinity Centre
Trinity Road, Bristol, BS2 0NW

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Bristol National Jam 2016

Here are the final details for the event. Please read carefully if you are coming or are thinking of coming.

Dear participants dancers, musicians, helpers, organisers and support teachers coming to the event, if you’ve been following us you know we are having a social and food on Friday evening at 6pm at the Old Market Assembly Rooms. If you are keen to join and eat please go ahead and look at the menu below and DO LET ME KNOW YOUR CHOICE BY FRIDAY MORNING 10am AT THE LATEST by emailing me on agrenckowska@hotmail.com To make it easy could you follow a format: your name and one choice from the main menu plus if you’d like a side. I’m looking forward to trying an english version of polish Pierogi myself¬†ūüėȬ†Agnieszka.
To find the Assembly Rooms follow these directionshttp://www.oldmarketassembly.co.uk/contact/
Remember that after the social we are heading off to the Trinity Centre for our opening Jam at 8 pm!

Contact Improvisation Dance event, a weekend devoted to dance and creative connection, morning and afternoon classes exploring some of the most essential practices in CI including physical forces of gravity, levity, inertia and momentum, aerial and acrobatic work, rolling points of contact, perceiving and following, different axis and how to use rotation in them to generate a centrifugal force; breath as baseline for the above.

Co teaching this year are Sebastain Flegiel (Poland/Brighton UK) and Maga Radlowska (Poland/London UK) and will deliver series of classes exploring momentum, centrifugal and gravitational forces of two bodies in a shared kinosphere and how from there  we can generate lifts and be airborne. We will be learning how to domesticate dynamics and use them to our advantage, whilst focusing on the importance of breathing.
There is a potential for working towards short performance piece that Maga would facilitate and direct. We will decide on Saturday by lunchtime.

3 evenings for open jamming welcoming all interested in Contact Improvisation.
This year our support musicians are first time BNJ musicians:

Ava Osbiston (Bristol  UK) with the slow changing improvised soundscapes made with overlapping loops played with synth, percussion and vocals.

A pop up musician…

Jim Barnes (Bristol UK) playing hang drum

Movement Lab for children
Also, first time appearance is the Movement Lab for Children (included in your event/day pass ticket; or if you only dropping in with your kid for exclusively this session – we ask for a donation) created and facilitated by lovely Reby and Silvia
Playing with movement, discovering the body through creative dance and imagination.

Movement Lab for children ages 5 to 11
Date: Sunday, 5th June
Time: 14 to 16
Facilitators: Rebecca Marta D’Andrea & Silvia Carderelli-Gronau 

The Movement LAB invites a playful approach into Contact Improvisation, facilitating and giving basic tools for children to enter and enjoy a Jam session.
Using simple movement games and sequences to introduce the idea of body awareness, sharing of weight and touch to find new possibilities of being in relationship with one another and dancing together.

That’s 11 hrs CI practice time and up to 10 hrs jamming time, packed with some rigorous and some less serious dancing. GET READY TO RAISE THE BAR OF YOUR CI PRACTICE! WE LOOK FORWARD TO WELCOMING EACH ONE OF YOU THERE!

Pay in advance or just turn up.
Full admission is 90 GBP
Day pass: 40 pounds
Individual sessions: one class 15 pounds/one jam 10 pounds
Book here http://contactdance2.apphb.com/
Any booking queries please contact Bryn 07846278379
Any accommodation queries please contact Jocasta 07875151582
Any other questions direct to Agnieszka 07871455025 or Lisa May 07812136681

Any queries regarding Movement Lab for Children get in touch with Silvia 07780855165

How to get there:
Location 1: Main event at Trinity Community Centre is an old converted church situated on the corner of Trinity Road and Clarence Road, address is Trinity Road, BS2 0NW.  It is 10 minutes walk from the main Bristol railway station, Bristol Temple Meads and close to Stapleton Road where a number of  bus  routes run, For details directions go to Trinity Centre website http://3ca.org.uk/contact

Location 2: Meeting point on Friday 3rd June at 6 pm at the Assembly Rooms,25 West Street, Old Market BS2 0DF. We are aiming to all gather there and have food together before we move on to the dance venue that is 5 minutes down the road. It is 5 minutes walk from the main venue. To get there is a ten-minute walk from Bristol city centre, through Castle Park and up Old Market high street. The Old Market Assembly is the one on the left hand side that has big windows with flagpoles above, on the other side of the road to the Bristol Bear Bar. For detailed directions and info about the place go to their website: http://www.oldmarketassembly.co.uk/

The food is really good there so check out their menu – you may be wanting to get your nutritional needs met there during the event!

Parking: there is parking at the roadside and there is car park at the venue that has meter (doesn’t accept mobile payment, so please bring cash if you consider this option)

BNJ 2016 schedule

Location: Trinity Community Centre, Trinity Garden, Assemby Rooms Note: space is open from 9 am for your personal warm up

Time / period

Friday 3rd June

Saturday 4thJune

Sunday 5th June



Ending with a Jam


Ending with a Jam

13-16   Lunch

Open space (bodywork/ labbing/
dance practice)


14-16 Movement LAB for Children

(age 5 ‚Äď 11)

16-19 18-20

Welcome and food at the

Assembly Rooms&

Wardrobe Theatre

Old Market


Warm up class

Into Jam

Warm up class

Into Jam

19-22 20-22

Opening Jam

with Ava delivering soundscapes

Music Jam +/- Performance Closing Jam

With Jim Barnes on Hang