7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Willow Studio
St. Werburghs Primary School, James Street, Bristol, BS2 9US

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Short 4-week course from 4th June 26th June. Suitable for all levels. Drop-ins welcome, but attending the whole series is ideal.

Sensing, Feeling, and Action (Ready Steady Go!)

A series of four Body Mind Centering inspired somatic movement workshops, for dancers and movers and movement therapists, a very brief introduction to some very big ideas.

This is about a journey into ourselves and back out again, through movement and how states of being effect our movement and how movement effects our state of being.

Dancing the Senses

This workshop will explore movement in relationship to our senses. What it is to be in the sensing place. By stimulating our different sense organs to heighten the awareness of the process of simply receiving information.

Moving the Feelings

By stimulating the endocrine system, that part of our physiology that release the chemicals, as well as exploring some of our organs, often cited by in oriental medicine as a place that houses our emotions, in relationship to movement, to find out how move when we are in a state of feeling.

Action! Action! Action!

Action is something that is happening all the time in the first two classes, but the focus is not on it, in this class we will use the muscles as a way into exploring action in movement, without thinking or feeling or sensing were that movement might come from. This class will be about just doing and moving.


This fourth workshop will play with the score of sensing, feeling and action, moving between all the different states, a chance to experience ourselves in our dance and were we like to hover. And the relationship between them and the grey areas of where they meet.

This mini set of workshops, ideally should be done as a whole as you will be led through a process that will culminate in the fourth. They can be taken individually if this isn’t possible for you.