Meeting & Weighting; CI Workshop Bristol


18/02/2023 - 19/02/2023    
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


St. Michael's Parish Hall
Park Ln, Bristol BS2 8BE, Bristol, BS2 8BE

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“An atmosphere of curiosity has made the work a currency of exchange rather than a place to go – awkward for those had expected to someday arrive somewhere.”
—-Nancy Stark Smith.
| Meeting & Weighting |
In reaching to share weight, one is confronted with that which has yet to be defined. The touch you are reaching for or the sharing of weight is not yet invented or formed. Weight sharing in contact improvisation is a way of being in the unknowable, engaging with the unpredictable, and placing oneself in the in-between. Part of this in-betweenness consists of risk; you have to risk yourself to open toward that potentiality. It is this risk, this unknown and this unpredictable nature, which is at the core of Harriet and Joaquín’s interest in contact improvisation. We enter this workshop with curiosity to both affect and be affected by (or through?) weight sharing.
During the weekend of course, we will dance, we will dance big and also small. We (Harriet and Joaquín) will share clear technical tools that we have found useful in our dance practice as well as words; our own and the abundant knowledge of others. We believe that ‘solo’ exploration, or duetting with the floor, gives a grounding that contact and group dances can be fed by; we will start there, finding ourselves before giving and sharing weight in duets/trios/groups. Inevitably in sharing weight, we will find ourselves working with other essential tools (falling, rolling-point of contact, spirals). With co-creation of scores, we will dissect and research our way in CI.
This is open for all levels of experienced CI movers.

Sat 18 Feb
10 am – 5 pm
*1 h 15 m lunch break
Sun 19 Feb
10 am – 5 pm
*1 h 15 m lunch break

Early bird 90 £ until 27th Jan
Full Price 120 £.
To register please email us at
or message +447708252649 on Whatsapp
We ask that you pay the whole price or 50% deposit to secure your place, the other 50% can be paid up until the workshop *.
If you are unable to attend the whole weekend, send us a message to pop in for either Saturday or Sunday!
If the financial aspect is stopping you from dancing please contact us and we will try to find an arrangement.
Places are limited to 28 participants
* Once you register, due to organizational reasons, the deposit is not refundable.

We have the lovely St Michael’s Parish Hall, with its large, bright studio and a little kitchen to warm your winter soups.
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Joaquín Alfei (Argentina/Italy)
Existing in the practices of (contact) improvisation, neuroscience, and philosophy, I am presently obsessed in ‘ways of knowing’ and ‘gestures’ of research in dance improvisation and science. Challenging classical divergences between subject/object, in both my dancing explorations and academic work. And so, what am I ‘(Re)union’ of? A section that seems to be mandatory in this kind of (Bio)presentation: I have grown (in Europe) thinking in movement with the ideas and collaboration of/with Asaf Bachrach, Florencia Campise, and Otto Akkanen. Perhaps among the people who have most influenced/nourished me with their material at specific improvisation workshops/labs are Ray Chung, Daniel Lepkof, Nita Little, Charlie Morrisey, Julyen Hamilton, Scott Smith, and Karen Nelson.
Viewing (contact) improvisation as multi-faceted, I am absorbed in the physical aspects of the study, but too theory, conversation, written and artistic creation. Upon meeting (Contact) Improvisation many years ago, I found myself centered around the form, dancing internationally between labs, workshops, teaching, residencies, jams, performances, collective and personal projects. I am also active in the field and practice of Neuroscience, holding a Ph.D. (KU Leuven, BEL) and position at the National Research Council (ARG).

Harriet Roberts (UK)
Continuously asking where she can next dance contact improvisation; Harriet has traveled extensively in search of hubs, homes and bodies researching CI. She has supported and taught within a variety of residencies dedicated to the form as well as festival, workshop, and university settings. Harriet is trained in contemporary dance, diving to both facilitation and performative work, she draws particularly on somatic enquiry and experiential anatomy. Founding the platform WeWomb, Harriet has spent the last years dedicated to the education and celebration of reproductive health. Sharing classes, courses, performance and film raising the voice of the bleeding and birthing body. Videography and photography sit in a place of passion for Harriet, interweaving themselves in all parts of her creative work. She divides and overlaps her time as a doula, dancer and hands-on therapist.