Places of Comfort - a contact improvisation, bodywork and inter-being workshop


10:30 am - 4:30 pm


DMAC, (4th Floor) Hamilton House
80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY

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Taught by Asher Levin

Tickets on a sliding scale of £35 to £50 – pay as you are able.
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There are a maximum of 24 spaces, so do book early to guarantee yours.

Open to dancers of all levels of experience, including beginners. Everyone welcome!

Contact Improvisation is great for developing a sensitivity towards our bodies and those of others, while allowing movement to start effortlessly from within.

The workshop will focus on finding and exploring “Places of Comfort” in our CI practice, ease in gentle as well as dynamic dance.

We will be with and honour our body’s deep yearning to feel safe and comfortable, as well as exploring those edges of discomfort in seeking to fulfil our desires for challenge, discovery and exhilaration.

We will nurture ourselves and each other with intuitive, led bodywork and explore our sense of relationship to ourselves, each other and the environment.

The workshop will include foundations of CI principles such as ‘deep listening’, ‘connecting structures’, ‘sharing weight’ and ‘following through’.

Combined with imaginative imagery, we will develop our skills through simple exercises such as finding comfort in leaning our body on someone else and carefully shifting weight and attention.

Some info about Asher in his own words:

“I have been working and playing with CI for over 20 years, a journey of continuing discovery, joy, challenges and growth. I was first introduced to it as a curious teenager at Bristol Community Dance centre. Much of my early CI training was in my 20s from some great teachers at the class before the Saturday jam in London. I worked as an actor in physical theatre until my early 30s, when I ran away to Germany to further explore my CI practice for a couple of months – I stayed for 10 years. In Berlin, I deepened and broadened my practice. I ran a small movement studio in central Berlin and started teaching, as well as organising jams. I taught regularly in Berlin as well as at festivals in various places in Europe. On returning to the UK, I have continued sharing my practice. I love the connections I am developing in Devon, particularly with the earth and water. CI is a companion, mirror, educator, a means of communication, a safe space for wild dance and play, and how I may be feeling more naturally at home with my fellow humanimals”