The Art of Trios - a weekend workshop in Bristol led by Asher Levin & Jocasta Crofts


18/03/2023 - 19/03/2023    
10:00 am - 4:30 pm


St. Michael's Parish Hall
Park Ln, Bristol BS2 8BE, Bristol, BS2 8BE

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Explore the wonderful world of CI Trios.
Your guides will be Jocasta Crofts & Asher Levin, with support from Sarah Massey
Trios are multi-dimensional. They may seem complex and feel daunting.
We’ll explore strategies for finding simplicity and orientation in the creative mix.
We’ll introduce simple effective scores that take us into the heart of jamming, going beyond the normal patterns of intense duos, solo transitions, or puppy piles (wonderful as they are), broadening the possibilities that can open up.

We’ll hone specialised skills and mechanics useful for trios:
* being in the ever-evolving centre * orbiting * weaving * supporting and contributing to a duet * co-supporting as bases * flying strategies * Exploring trio landscapes and including spaces in the dance *
Dancing in 3s opens up spaces and invites a richness of relating, enabling your dance to confidently expand into multi-dimensional relationships. Trios bring surprise, presence, change-ability, fascinating spaces, fresh dynamics…
Trios inherently contain a variety configuration – trio, duo, solo, as well as bridging to possibilities of whole group experiences.
Our research will be playful!

**Bodywork: The workshop will include trio bodywork – we’ll expand our attention and inspiration from within a delicious, rich, focused context of experiential anatomy. **

10.00am to 4.30pm Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March
Join for 1 day or the weekend!
1 day price £50 (£40/£60)
Weekend £80 (£70/£90)
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