Jocasta Crofts

I am a human animal. I like to squirm, wriggle and roll around with other human animals. It feels real and makes me feel alive and three-dimensional. My reflexes sharpen and my senses are brighter. I can express my playfulness, my madness, my non-rational being as well as being meditative and more conscious through my movement exploration. I need to be in contact with myself, the floor, and with others. It’s very intimate and a way to share that nurtures and nourishes me.

Whatever I am learning about in life, I bring to my dance and to my teaching. The last 11 months I have been conceiving, growing, birthing and mothering my baby boy. The journey has been intense and healing, this is the material I teach from now – How to dance when you are pregnant and can’t offer your centre? How you dance when you are lactating and have very sore boobs? How the movement qualities and life experiences of my child inspire me. This is my material right now.


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