Kathleen Downie

I teach from a level of learning, not mastery. Passing on and sharing what I find useful to work with and what interests me.

I have been practicing, learning and studying contact improvisation irregularly for seven years.

I am an interdisciplinary artist with a professional approach to dance. Currently focussing on making movement based performance and developing dance technique. I have a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice a fine art painting degree and diploma in Circus and Physical Theatre from Circomedia.

Interested in the roots of contact improvisation. What happens when two bodies jump at each other, collide and fall?

Interested in the solo study of this work as developed by Steve Paxton and seen in his DVD Movement for the Spine.

What happens when our bodies meet each other/floor/wall on a structural level? Energetically, emotionally, at speed and in slow motion, with various bodies’ physical abilities, degree of training and desire?

Sharpening the tool of our bodies to make an informed choice at such a high speed that it does not feel like we are making a choice. To go with, against or not. To be taken by surprise.

I love improvisation as a vehicle for creating to be part of what is happening in this moment in this group, switched on, full of energy, full of force, moving with complicity together.

I love chucking myself around, interested in safely combining contact improvisation and acrobatics.

I aim to have an inclusive teaching approach, to reach people of all different backgrounds and abilities, through clear communication, boundaries and encouragement to gently push the edge.


email: kathleen@contactdance.co.uk