K’Lo Harris

I have been dancing contact since 1995, and had the pleasure of working with the likes of Malcolm Manning and Janice Claxton. Both big influences, Malcolm for his safety and keeping me on the floor for far longer than I wanted, and Janice for her irreverence and vitality.

However, my very first introduction was with a teacher who also taught physical theatre, his playful theatrical approach has stayed with me to this day.

The last six years has seen me immerse myself into the practice of Body Mind Centering. Qualifying as a somatic movement therapist. Including a year training as a somatic performer with Katie Dymoke and Mark Taylor. This work is now a huge influence in everything I do including teaching contact dance.

For me the body is a source, and sauce, of inspiration. By integrating body systems and developmental movement patterns I find greater ease of movement, more flow and more recognition of the parts of me that get stuck as well as endless possibilities for creativity and exploration.

When I bring these components into my teaching, my classes range from playful and releasing, to deep and meditative.

My main interest is the mind behind what we do. The challenges of meeting, the subtle dynamics of relationship, with ourselves, the floor, another dancer, the environment, on and off the dance floor, and how to play with it.

To learn the rules and break them all.


mobile: 0117 3309268, email: k-lo@contactdance.co.uk