A Community Lab Time. All Day Contact Improvisation Research +/- Performance Night


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


St. Michael's Parish Hall
Park Ln, Bristol BS2 8BE, Bristol, BS2 8BE
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                                                                         A COMMUNITY LAB TIME

                           All day Contact Improvisation research work shops +/- Performance Night


Time: 10:00-11:15  Warm up start: Underscore Practice (no explanation before but clear road map displayed on the walls)

variation: Barbara Dilley’s Contemplative Practice prior to  the score

Tea break 11:15-11:30

Time 11:30-13:30

Facilitated  talking circle, with short demonstration of lab proposals followed by work group formation.

some propositions submitted already are:

1. Performance and relationship lab. Relationship to self, to the floor/environment, to other, and to the audience (use  of discussion, maybe role play and probably BMC embodiment principles to start this exploration), facilitated by K’lo.

2. Research based on the experiences of dancing during pregnancy.  Exploring connection to stillness, holding, dancing without using your belly center, dancing whilst caring for another in every moment  (my center is in another), plus dressing another whilst they dance without disturbing their movement, facilitated by Jocasta.

3. Exploration of Authentic Movement practice, presence and witnessing. Use of blind fold movement into expanding awareness in trio work, facilitated by Lisa and Agnieszka.

4. An exploration of the undercurrents of relationships in the dance. Themes for this lab may include: power, manipulation, hierarchy, emotions. What happens when these (often unstated) aspects are brought into the open, clearly stated in words, expression, and movement? How does this affect the dance and can it transform our experience? Following on from our exploration at ECITE this year, in our ongoing group ‘Community and (micro) Politics’ Saskia and Sonja are excited to share some of the exercises we explored at the exchange.

All groups work simultaneously in the same hall clearly divided into workshop spaces.

Lunch break 13:30-14:30

During lunch in the space there will be inspiration time: watching DVD’s on  CI in performance and browsing through CQ (Contact Quarterly magazine) library. Bring food to share please. Alternatively – you can use nearby cafes.


 Time 15:00-17:00

Regrouping and feedback.  We share our research findings from the morning in the circle and declare what we wish to do in the afternoon – go on in labbing, change group,work towards developing performance piece* have a bodywork exchange session or a joined lab experience.

The afternoon format will be decided collectively.

End of St Michael’s Parish Hall Part and Dinner Time.

We disengage peacefully.


*Time: 19:30- 20:30  Hamilton House dmac studio 1, fourth floor, Stokes Croft

Facilitated labs in semi formal performance.

Invite friends and family.

And after performance :   Celebration! Canteen or another  hang out.

To find out more contact





Note: All abilities and background interests welcome!!!

Note:  the price for attendance is not fixed yet: I want to cover the  cost of space hire which is £60 for a  whole day and the more of us come to support the event the cheaper it will be for all of us us! Thank you.

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