Bristol CI: Sunday Class & Jam


5:00 pm - 8:30 pm


DMAC, (4th Floor) Hamilton House
80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY

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Beginner friendly pre-jam warmup class 5-6.30pm followed by the jam 6.30-8.30pm. Doors will be closed for the duration of the class to keep the focus, so please arrive early to attend the class, you can arrive at any time for the jam. Dancers can come just for the class, £6, or stay for the jam, £9. You can also book on MoveGB

For more information feel free to contact the teacher/facilitator or We send out regular emails of class descriptions, to get these, please sign-up to our mailing list.

Class Description

Falling (and a little catching)

Confidence with playing comes from freeing the fear.
What do we fear?
Falling and hurting ourselves.
Let’s learn to fall without fear, and see where the momentum takes us.
This class will explore our relationship with gravity, ourselves and others through falling.

The session will naturally encompass somatic principles of reach developmental patterns, and reflexive integration as well as an enlivening of our senses especially sight in a non-directional and more peripheral way.

It will be safe, accessible to all and explorative.

Come with a willingness to let go, stay in control, be clumsy, be flowing and enjoy meeting the ground.

‘Fall…Move from a higher to a lower level, typically rapidly and without control.
Synonyms: drop, drop down, plummet, descend, come down, go down, plunge, sink, dive, nosedive, tumble, pitch; …cascade… slope down, slope, slant down, go down, incline downwards, tilt downwards, drop away, drop, descend, dip, sink, plunge; …gravitate… topple over, tumble over, keel over, fall down, fall over, go head over heels, go end over end, fall headlong, go headlong, collapse, fall in a heap, take a spill, pitch forward; trip, trip over, stumble, stagger, slip, slide’ (

The Jam

Wednesday or Thursday before the class – it is also send out weekly via our mailing list}

A jam is an informal gathering of dancers. There is no teacher, but space and time to develop skills and confidence. You are free to dance, rest, or sit and watch, as you wish. The jam provides an opportunity to explore and integrate techniques you have learned, and to find your own routes into dancing.

At some jams a teacher will facilitate a score to follow such as a focused (silent) jam, the Underscore (developed by Nancy Stark-Smith), or a blindfold (or eyes-closed) jam, this will normally be advertised via our regular mailout – so sign-up if you want advance notice.

  • Live musicians will improvise with the dancing at many of the jams.
  • For more information, please email or contact the individual teachers.