7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Willow Studio
St. Werburghs Primary School, James Street, Bristol, BS2 9US

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Apologies – this lab is cancelled as the studio is unable to open up for us due to unforeseen circumstances.


Willow studio LAB proposal May the 21st and May the 28th Agnieszka Grenckowska

I’d like to invite all the teachers, facilitators, creators and CI dance enthusiasts to take part in these series of CI LAB’s.

The offering is to give:

  1. Training ground for your ideas
  2. Opportunity to practice the skill of giving and receiving feedback

To expand on the above, I’d like to ask you :

Are you working on a design for a workshop, writing a class, thinking of a score, working on a solo piece or group performance?

This LAB could be a great opportunity to present it to a peer group. Can be an unfinished work in progress type material or a ready to go stuff.

Are you, like me, inspired to learn and practice the art of feedback and articulation?

This LAB could give you the tools to start or improve your navigating the creative process that feedback giving and receiving offers.


So, what’s next? I would like to hear from you beforehand if you have something in mind that you would like to present in the LAB. Otherwise we will go with what is in the space when we get together.

We can do a series of demos or one long demo, all followed by a feedback.

I will do my best to facilitate the feedback process, drawing form Liz Lerman’s ‘Critical Response Process’ and other feedback systems as outlined in the Contact Quarterly. Feedback and Articulation, 2008.

I am aware that we have volunteered CI for a taster class as well as performance for the Hamilton House open day in June. I suggest that we use this LAB space to design what we aim to deliver to the wide public in these promotional slots.

As there are two LAB’s scheduled, I propose we dedicate the first one on the 21st May to CI class/workshop/score and the following one on the 28th either continue or present/develop & review a performance piece.


How does this sound for you?

Looking forward to sharing those Wednesday evenings with you, back in our hub of Bristol CI.