Connection through Partner Yoga, Contact Improvisation, & Thai Massage (clothed). In Bristol


15/10/2022 - 16/10/2022    
10:30 am - 5:30 pm


St. Michael's Parish Hall
Park Ln, Bristol BS2 8BE, Bristol, BS2 8BE

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Join Emilia Gzyl and Asher Levin for an indulgent weekend of 3 complementary practices to deepen your sense of connection and relationship with yourself and others.
The workshop will: boost energy levels, nurture a sense of well-being, lower stress, broaden your movement range and vocabulary, release muscular tension, & deepen your body’s ‘listening’ skills. You’ll have fun and experience creative opening.
Open to all. You may choose to bring a partner to work with for the yoga and clothed massage, though this is not essential as we will intuitively coordinate and there will be flexibility of partner.
While the full weekend will provide the full immersive experience, if you are not able to make the whole weekend, you are welcome to purchase a 1 day ticket for either Saturday or Sunday.
Times: 10.30 am to 5.30 pm
Location: St Michael’s Parish Hall. A lovely, warm bright hall in the centre of town, with views over Bristol.
Weekend £85 / £110 / £130
1 Day: £47/ £59 / £71
as you feel fair and right for you.
*We also have a couple of bursary places available, if the concession price would be a bar to participation. Please send a brief email to Asher.
Enquiries and info:
t: 0799 9934369
The 3 Practices
The thread through all 3 practices is an interwoven deepening – intimate & spacious, softening & strong – relationship through body, mind, and spirit.
Partner Yoga… Not to be confused with Acroyoga, Partner Yoga allows two people to relate to and support one another’s practice through mutually assisted poses. From stretching your levels of trust to strengthening your communication, partner yoga can have a positive effect on you and your connections that extends far beyond the physical. It’s a gentle, strong practice, available for everyone’s level, including those without previous experience.
Contact Improvisation… is a form of improvised movement or dance. It takes inspiration from and involves exploration of physically being in relationship to others. We use the fundamentals of shared touch, weight, and movement awareness. Rather than focusing on ‘dance moves’ we train our bodies to listen and observe the wonder of shared spontaneous movement and, maybe, dance. Listening, following, leading and suggesting without attachment are at the fore. Letting go of control of all that happens opens us to playfulness, surprises, creativity, dynamism and tenderness.
Thai Massage… is a clothed massage practice. Guided and supported throughout, to release tension and stress in a safe & respectful manner. Thai Massage uses gentle pressure, stretching techniques and joint mobilisations to relax & open the body. The theory suggests that tight muscles cause blockages within energy lines, called Sen lines in the Thai Massage tradition. These blockages reduce the flow of life energy, resulting in stiffness, pain, and illness. Thai massage uses techniques that open the Sen to correct the flow of life energy.
Emilia Gzyl is a Transformational Coach, Yin Yoga Teacher, experienced Massage Therapist and NLP Master. She’s been offering Healing and Massage sessions to her clients in her established practice in Bristol for the last 12 years. Emilia has dedicated her past 13 years to the in-depth exploration of interconnectedness of body/mind/spirit. She is endlessly fascinated by the art of touch and conscious communication in people’s lives. She is passionate about dance, movement, touch & the possibilities offered by them.
Asher Levin has been practicing Contact Improvisation, performing physical theatre, teaching and leading workshops for over 25 years. He’s taught CI internationally since 2008. In CI, he loves the practice of learning to trust ourselves and others – even when meeting the unknown – in physical, artistic, creative and personal relationships. The ever changing orientations of CI, full of movement potential, provide him with fresh perspectives. Being off-balance, while dynamic and flowing as a creative practice is incredibly liberating.
*”The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust*
Enquiries and info:
t: 0799 9934369